I studied in Muenchen at the Academy for Graphic Arts before leaving Germany for New York to study Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute. After designing garments for a few years I looked for a new metier and trained in Jewelry Design, with success. Several years later I moved on and developed a new business designing a unique kind of book covers, again with success.
During these years I started photography and documented life in the streets of New York, and I was drawn to architectural details, but also did portrait studies and animal pictures.
However, my most favorite medium of visual expression has become still life photography.
Creating still lifes, more than any other kind of photography, like portrait, landscape or street photography gives me the freedom of arranging and composing any setting I envision. Often I use my own photos as backdrops for the scenes I set up and choose intriguing objects to express a mood or create some kind of mystery.
"It is a demanding art, one in which the photographer is expected to create their work with a refined sense of lighting and compositional skills. The still life photographer makes pictures rather than takes them. Knowing where to look for parts to arrange the composition of the photo to be taken is also a required skill." (Wikipedia)